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April 23, 2020

Product Update – 4/22

Greetings from Smart.Vet Product Management. We’ve successfully completed another software release tonight which included the following features that were requested by our lovely partner clinics. Keep the feedback coming!

1. Outbound Booking Email Verbiage: We’ve updated the verbiage and instructions for pet owners that are booked for an appointment

2.Landing Page – Services Pricing Toggle: On the landing page, you can now disable the pricing for your services so it’s not visible. Don’t worry, pricing is still visible for clients within the platform. The pricing visibility can be turned on/off within the ‘Landing Page’ editor with the ‘Services Block’. You will see a new toggle that says ‘Hide Price’.

3. Appointment | Message History: We’ve added 2 new columns to these views which showcase ‘Open / Lock’ status and ‘Charge’ status. This will allow you to easily see which appointments are still open and haven’t been charged.

4. Outbound Booking Appointment Confirmation: You can now easily see if any outbound scheduled appointments have been confirmed by the pet owner. Both on the Dashboard and in the Consultation Room, we’ve placed a new label that says ‘Not Confirmed’ if the appointment has not been confirmed by the pet owner.

5. Digital Consultation Room: Schedule Appointment Button – Within the Consultation Room, we’ve added a new button that says ‘Schedule Appointment’. This will allow you to schedule a follow-up appointment or new appointment with the pet owner directly from the consultation room.

OVMA will host a webinar April 24 at noon called Telemedicine During the Pandemic and Beyond. The webinar will be presented by Dr. Sharon Quinn from Smart.Vet, along with Terra Shastri, OVMA’s director of business development and strategic initiatives, and Darren Osborne, OVMA’s director of economic research.

Spring is usually the busiest time for most veterinary practices but with the pandemic, clinic teams have been forced to adopt new ways to continue patient care. Telemedicine can provide a valuable solution for practices, clients and patients. This 45-minute webinar will highlight:

What clinic teams are doing now using telemedicine.
Lessons learned from using telemedicine.
Why you should charge for virtual consults (and how to do it).
How to continue using telemedicine moving forward.
The webinar will be recorded and made available for OVMA members on the OVMA website.

April 15, 2020

Product Update – 4/15

Greetings fromm Smart.Vet Product Management (more…)