Greetings fromm Smart.Vet Product Management

We have been extremely busy gathering feedback from our partner clinics and translating it into new amazing features within the telehealth platform. This past week we have been working on some amazing features, including:

1. PDF Exports of Telehealth Consultations: Your entire consultation will be exportable and downloadable in PDF with the click of a button within the Digital Consultation Room. This will include everything about the patient, intake questions, uploaded pictures, and the consultation summary. This can be easily uploaded into your practice management softare
2. Landing Page – Services – Formatting Change: Within services on your landing page, we are updating the format. If you’re no longer charging for an appointment, the word FREE will no longer be listed.
3. Navigation Bar: Within the main navigation bar (top bar) of the platform, your picture and name will appear in the top right-hand corner.
4. Services – You will now be able to hide services from client booking. These services will still be available to you for outbound scheduling
5. Appointment History | Message History: We are adding 2 new columns into these views which include ‘Open | Lock’ status, and ‘Payment Status’. This will give you an immediate overview as to what’s still open and what hasn’t been charged.
6. Financial Reporting – Within the ‘My Revenue’ view, you will now be able to download a .csv that contains all transactional information at a granular level

Follow our blog as we will be announce when this release is live.