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December 21, 2021

Product Update

We’ve recently rolled out an enhancement to our outbound booking system. Now you have the option of completing a pet owners address and intake form questions during the outbound booking sequence. You can also apply coupons during the outbound booking process if you’d like to give clients a free consultation or discounted consultation.

June 24, 2021

Product Update


We are excited to announce some major product updates:

1. PIMS Integration – Medical History

Within the consultation room, you can now pull the patient’s medical history directly from your PIM. We support the following PIMS:

Complete Clinic
DVM Manager
ImproMed Equine
V-Tech Platinum

To connect your PIM, email info@smart.vet to get started

2. Preload Files, Images, and Videos within a Service

You can now preload files, images, and videos into specific services that will automatically appear in the consultation room when booked by a pet owner

3. Video Test Call

Before joining consultations, you can test your video and microphone by clicking on the ‘Test Video’ button within the left-hand navigation menu. If your pet owners are having issues with their video, have them click the ‘Test Video’ button.

With the rapid acceleration of veterinary telehealth usage worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hills Pet Nutrition has partnered with myVETstore and Smart.Vet to create an enhanced virtual care experience for pet owners!

Smart.Vet has now integrated myVETstore within their Virtual Care platform. This new capability allows veterinary clinics that use myVETstore to have selected items from their product catalogue appear directly within the virtual consultation room.

A veterinary professional can recommend specific therapeutic nutrition, medications, and other pet-related items during virtual consultations with pet owners. The veterinary professional can chat with the pet owner via video, phone, or message, recommend these products in the consultation room, explain how they are to be administered, and discuss the expected outcomes as well as any potential follow-up that will be required. The pet owner can then easily purchase the product and have it shipped to their door or to their veterinary practice.

“We are proud to partner with myVETstore and Smart.Vet on this initiative”, said Jenn Porter, General Manager at Hill’s Pet Nutrition Canada. “With more veterinarians and patients turning to telemedicine during COVID, we wanted to remove barriers in making recommendations for the profession so that we can achieve our mission of enriching and lengthening the special relationship between people and their pets through science based nutrition.”

“The direct connection between myVETstore and Smart.Vet allows the pet parent to easily access the therapeutic diet that has been recommended by the veterinarian. With one click, users are able to sign in and go directly to the product page. We are excited to be part of this initiative” said Kathy Davies, CEO at myVETstore Canada Inc.

“It is very important to the Smart.Vet team that the virtual consultation experience be as seamless as possible for both the pet parent and the veterinarian. Allowing for the integration of e-commerce within our platform removes extra steps in the process, saving time and hassle so that the participants can focus on what truly matters, the health of the pet” said Dr. Sharon Quinn, Co-founder at Smart.Vet

To learn more about:

Hills Pet Nutrition: https://www.hillspet.ca/
myVETstore: https://info.myvetstore.ca
Smart.Vet: https://smart.vet