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We are excited to announce that Dr. Sharon Quinn of Smart.Vet will be on CTV Ottawa tomorrow at 8:20am to chat about our new partnership with the OSCPA!


The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society partners with Smart.Vet to bring virtual veterinary care to shelter pets and foster families
Stouffville, ON (June 29, 2020) – The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society has partnered with Smart.Vet telehealth to give animal centre staff and volunteer foster families virtual access to veterinarians to ensure animals always have the best care possible, without the stress of travelling, regardless of their location, or the time of day when a health concern arises.

Through the Smart.Vet website, reaching a veterinarian is just a click or phone call away when health concerns arise after hours or on weekends. The telehealth veterinary service is designed to complement routine veterinary care.

The telehealth service will be used in Ontario SPCA animal centres across the province, and will also be accessible to volunteer foster families who care for animals in their own homes. Should a foster animal become ill, or if there is a concern for the animal’s health after hours when veterinary clinics are closed, Ontario SPCA foster parents can access Smart.Vet and consult with a veterinarian without having to leave their home.

“Wherever possible, we will continue to work with our local veterinarians who have always provided exceptional care for the animals in our centres,” says Daryl Vaillancourt, Chief, Humane Programs & Community Outreach, Ontario SPCA and Humane Society. “Smart.Vet is an extra level of care we can now provide to the animals in our centres, and it minimizes travelling to help slow and stop the spread of COVID-19.”

Smart.Vet is also available to the public. In some areas of the province, such as remote Northern communities, veterinary care can be hours away. For people in those communities, Smart.Vet is a tool that can help them triage health concerns with a veterinarian virtually to determine the best treatment plan for their animal.

“The team is really looking forward to this exciting new partnership with the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society,” says Dr. Sharon Quinn, co-founder and Medical Director of Smart.Vet. “We are committed to improving access to veterinary care for all animals and welcome the opportunity to assist pet foster parents, as well as to work together with the Ontario SPCA on providing innovative solutions for those in underserved and remote communities.”

To learn more about this telehealth service, visit

For more information on the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society, visit

Greetings All,

We have completed our latest software release. The latest release includes french language support for the entire client facing experience including Landing page and Client Portal. If you’re a french speaking clinic, you can now set the language for your landing page and complete user experience to french!

To change the language,

– Login to your platform
– Click ‘Landing Page’ from the left-hand navigation column
– Under the new ‘Languages’ section, you can select between english and french

Greetings All,

We successfully rolled out our new permissions system last week. This new capability expands upon our ‘administrator | non administrator’ functionality. For current administrators, you can now adjust platform section visibility for all of your users in the system, and also add unlimited ‘non-consulting’ users at no charge. This is useful for your Practice Managers, Reception, etc who won’t be performing consultations, but will be co-ordinating consultations.

The new permission system is accessible within ‘Admin Settings -> Employee Management’. For each employee in the system, you can adjust their role and section visibility. Example: If you want a specific user to have access to consultation services and the landing page section only, that can easily be set now as you can control visibility to each section of the platform per user.

Setting the Role for a Specific User:

Consulting User: Can perform consultations within the platform. Only accounts with this role enabled will be billed on a monthly basis.

Admin: Is typically the platform owner and has access to every section / feature within the platform.

Note: You do not need to set a role for a specific user if you don’t want them having consultation capabilities or being an admin. Simply leave both boxes unchecked. Don’t forget to click ‘Save’ if you’re making any changes to the roles.

Setting Permissions For a Specific User:

You can set visibility for a user to specific sections of the site by checking the boxes associated to each area as shown below. You do not need to select a role in order to set permissions. Remember to click ‘Save’ if you’re making any changes to permissions.

Thanks to a combined partnership between all three companies, a 50% discount off the base subscription price will be offered to all Canadian veterinary hospitals for a period of 60 days.

BURLINGTON, June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Smart.Vet announced today that they are partnering with Merck Animal Health and ROYAL CANIN®. This relationship will allow Smart.Vet to offer their virtual care platform to veterinary clinics at 50% of the regular cost for 2 months. Both Merck Animal Health and Royal Canin are dedicated to assisting veterinarians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“During the pandemic, companies from the veterinary industry need to combine their efforts in order to better assist veterinarians, said Marylin Merit, Associate Marketing Director at Merck Animal Health Canada. That’s why we have decided to work together with Royal Canin towards a common goal: facilitate clinic and pet owner access to a virtual care platform, thereby maintaining the level of care that pets deserve.“
“What’s particularly exciting,” said David Brooks, Veterinary Marketing Director at Royal Canin Canada, “is that this technology makes it very simple for veterinary team members to stay connected with their patients. And it opens up all kinds of new opportunities such as feline medicine, nutrition or weight-loss consultations and follow-ups.”

Together, Merck Animal Health, Royal Canin, and Smart.Vet Offer:

A world-class virtual care solution that allows veterinary clinics to schedule, perform, and accept payment for telehealth consultations.. The Smart.Vet platform equips clinics with a fully clinic branded web application that includes online scheduling (directed by clinics and clients), communication (video, phone, and message) between veterinary staff and pet owners, and built-in eCommerce.

50% off Platform Base Subscription Price allows a clinic to join for only $49/month for the first 2 months. There are no implementation or consultation fees. This applies to all existing and new clinics paying the standard rate.

3 Virtual Care Webinars with industry professionals discussing the future of telehealth, it’s implications for the industry and the benefits of a formal platform. Each session will conclude with a Q & A with our panelists. To register for a webinar, please see below.

Our relationships with Merck Animal Health and Royal Canin constitute a major milestone in Smart.Vet’s evolution as a worldwide virtual care provider for veterinary clinics”, said Dr. Sharon Quinn, co-founder of Smart.Vet. “Partnering with Royal Canin and Merck Animal Health brings technology, pharmaceuticals, and pet nutrition into a single collaborative unit. Part of our mission moving forward is to work together on developing new innovative methods of delivering virtual care for pets that include nutrition and pharmaceuticals.”

The collaboration between Smart.Vet, Merck AH, and Royal Canin will enable hundreds of clinics to provide virtual care to their clients at a reduced cost. This will allow most clinics to begin to achieve ROI using their Online Health Centres after performing just one consultation.

The Smart.Vet platform has enabled clinics to perform over 10,000 telehealth consultations since April 1st and has client clinics in Canada, the United States, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

To learn more about Merck Animal Health:, Royal Canin, visit

Webinar Registration (all times in EST):
English: June 18th, 1PM:
English: June 19th, 7PM:
Français: 23 juin, 1PM:

Name: Dr. Sharon Quinn
Phone: 1 (888) 243-1411

We are thrilled that Timberlea Veterinary Clinic was featured on Global News. Timberlea is showcasing how they’ve been helping pet owners throughout the pandemic. Timberlea’s usage of the Smart.Vet platform is one of many innovative ways they’ve been assisting pet owners during difficult times.

Check out the News Story:


We have successfully completed our software upgrade tonight which included all of the following items:

Professional View – Admins Can Mute Notifications: Administrators can now turn off email notifications for consultations owned by other staff members. To disable notifications, click on ‘Professional Details’ from the left-hand navigation section. Simple click the tickbox that says ‘Receive Admin Notifications’.

Professional View – Dashboard – Calendar – Change Availability to 10 Minutes from 15 Minutes: When using the availability calendar, the time-slot intervals have been changed to 10 minutes from 15 minutes.

Allow Admins to Claim a Message Consultation: Administrators can now claim message consultations when they are claimed by another user of the platform.

Update to Client Dashboard: Upcoming appointments have now been moved to the top of the client dashboard, making it easier for clients to locate upcoming appointments

Update PDF Export Filename to Client Name and Date: Consultation room exports now include the client’s name and date.

Add Browser Warning to Login / Register Page: The system now displays a prompt warning for any user trying to login to the system using Internet Explorer, which is an outdated browser.

Move Tables Action Links to Left: The ‘view consultation’ link within the appointment | message history is now on the left-hand portion of the screen.

Send Email Notifications for Consultation Notes and Appointment Messages: When a note is added to the consultation room by the client or staff member, an email notification will be sent out that an update has been made to the consultation room.

Professional View – Redirect to Client Card After Creating a New Client: When a new client is created, it will direct the user to the client card screen vs. the client profile card.


We have successfully rolled out major updates to our coupon system. By default, our coupons are only eligible for a single use per pet owner. With the new coupon features, you can now create coupons for a specific dollar discount or percentage discount off your consultation fees.

Coupon Name: This is the name of your coupon (internal use only)
Coupon Code: This is the code you provide your clients for usage
Percentage Discount: The % off the consultation fee
Amount Discount: The $ off the consultation fee
Expiry Date: This is the date when the coupon will no longer be active
Limit Redemptions: This is the amount of total redemptions for this coupon.

April 29, 2020

PIMS Integrations

Greetings from the Product Team,

We have started our PIMS integrations this week. This new capability will allow you to sync your practice management software with our your new telehealth platform. Watch for an announcement in the coming weeks when this is live.


Smart.Vet Product

April 27, 2020

Product Update – 4/26


We have completed another software release last night that includes some new highly requested features from our partner clinics:

1. Services – Assign Professionals to Services: You can now assign specific professionals to a service. Example, you can assign an RVT to an RVT specific service, or assign a Veterinarian to a Vet specific service. To leverage this new feature, simply open up a specific service and you will see a new ’employees’ section where you can bind a specific professional to the service.

2. Consultation Room – Export to PDF: You can now export the digital consultation room to a .pdf. This will include all of the client information, intake form answers, and consultation summaries. This can easily be uploaded into your PIMs software.

3. Cancelled Appointment Availability Enhancement: Now when you cancel an appointment, you will have the option to make that time-slot bookable for a new consultation.

4. Technical Support: We have created a technical support form directly within the client portal. Now your clients can reach out to us directly if they are experiencing an issue.

Our next software release is slated for Wednesday April 29 / Off-hours with a more new features!