• Virtual Care

    When to Use Our Platform In Practice

Key Clinical Value Benefits

Deliver Online Pet Care

Our platform will allow your clinic to deliver online pet care, thereby improving access to services for your clients and promoting better healthcare outcomes. Pet telehealth is gaining popularity amongst pet owners and we can deliver now.

Reach New Clients

Our platform will enable your clinic to reach clients in remote areas where you don’t have a physical location, in addition to supporting rural communities where there are limited or no veterinarian providers today.

New Revenue Stream

By delivering online pet care, your clinic now has a new revenue generation stream at a minimal cost.  You can set your own online services and pricing.  Most clinics showcase ROI after performing only 2-3 consultations per month.

Follow-up Appointments

The platform is extremely valuable for performing follow-up appointments with your clients.   If it’s a quick follow-up to a surgery or recent issue, have your client schedule, attend, and pay for the consultation all within the platform.

The uses for telehealth in every day clinic life are constantly evolving. We’ve included a few popular use-cases below that our partner clinics are implementing each and every day


Postoperative Care/ Reevaluations

Medical Case Reevaluations

Medical cases

Palliative Care/ Quality of Life

Monitoring of Chronic Conditions

Behavioural Consultations

Nutritional Consultations

Puppy/Kitten Information Sessions

New client meet and greet (where permitted by regulatory body)

Prescription refills – for current patients (check regulations)