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August 19, 2020


As veterinary virtual care is close to our hearts, we were delighted to present at the VVVCA summit today! Dr. Quinn did a fantastic job presenting and representing the Canadian veterinary telehealth community. To learn more about the VVCA, check out VVCA Website

Thanks to a combined partnership between all three companies, a 50% discount off the base subscription price will be offered to all Canadian veterinary hospitals for a period of 60 days.

BURLINGTON, June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Smart.Vet announced today that they are partnering with Merck Animal Health and ROYAL CANIN®. This relationship will allow Smart.Vet to offer their virtual care platform to veterinary clinics at 50% of the regular cost for 2 months. Both Merck Animal Health and Royal Canin are dedicated to assisting veterinarians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“During the pandemic, companies from the veterinary industry need to combine their efforts in order to better assist veterinarians, said Marylin Merit, Associate Marketing Director at Merck Animal Health Canada. That’s why we have decided to work together with Royal Canin towards a common goal: facilitate clinic and pet owner access to a virtual care platform, thereby maintaining the level of care that pets deserve.“
“What’s particularly exciting,” said David Brooks, Veterinary Marketing Director at Royal Canin Canada, “is that this technology makes it very simple for veterinary team members to stay connected with their patients. And it opens up all kinds of new opportunities such as feline medicine, nutrition or weight-loss consultations and follow-ups.”

Together, Merck Animal Health, Royal Canin, and Smart.Vet Offer:

A world-class virtual care solution that allows veterinary clinics to schedule, perform, and accept payment for telehealth consultations.. The Smart.Vet platform equips clinics with a fully clinic branded web application that includes online scheduling (directed by clinics and clients), communication (video, phone, and message) between veterinary staff and pet owners, and built-in eCommerce.

50% off Platform Base Subscription Price allows a clinic to join for only $49/month for the first 2 months. There are no implementation or consultation fees. This applies to all existing and new clinics paying the standard rate.

3 Virtual Care Webinars with industry professionals discussing the future of telehealth, it’s implications for the industry and the benefits of a formal platform. Each session will conclude with a Q & A with our panelists. To register for a webinar, please see below.

Our relationships with Merck Animal Health and Royal Canin constitute a major milestone in Smart.Vet’s evolution as a worldwide virtual care provider for veterinary clinics”, said Dr. Sharon Quinn, co-founder of Smart.Vet. “Partnering with Royal Canin and Merck Animal Health brings technology, pharmaceuticals, and pet nutrition into a single collaborative unit. Part of our mission moving forward is to work together on developing new innovative methods of delivering virtual care for pets that include nutrition and pharmaceuticals.”

The collaboration between Smart.Vet, Merck AH, and Royal Canin will enable hundreds of clinics to provide virtual care to their clients at a reduced cost. This will allow most clinics to begin to achieve ROI using their Online Health Centres after performing just one consultation.

The Smart.Vet platform has enabled clinics to perform over 10,000 telehealth consultations since April 1st and has client clinics in Canada, the United States, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

To learn more about Merck Animal Health:, Royal Canin, visit

Webinar Registration (all times in EST):
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Name: Dr. Sharon Quinn
Phone: 1 (888) 243-1411

We are thrilled that Timberlea Veterinary Clinic was featured on Global News. Timberlea is showcasing how they’ve been helping pet owners throughout the pandemic. Timberlea’s usage of the Smart.Vet platform is one of many innovative ways they’ve been assisting pet owners during difficult times.

Check out the News Story:

OVMA will host a webinar April 24 at noon called Telemedicine During the Pandemic and Beyond. The webinar will be presented by Dr. Sharon Quinn from Smart.Vet, along with Terra Shastri, OVMA’s director of business development and strategic initiatives, and Darren Osborne, OVMA’s director of economic research.

Spring is usually the busiest time for most veterinary practices but with the pandemic, clinic teams have been forced to adopt new ways to continue patient care. Telemedicine can provide a valuable solution for practices, clients and patients. This 45-minute webinar will highlight:

What clinic teams are doing now using telemedicine.
Lessons learned from using telemedicine.
Why you should charge for virtual consults (and how to do it).
How to continue using telemedicine moving forward.
The webinar will be recorded and made available for OVMA members on the OVMA website.