Service Details

This is where you provide a name and description of the service you offer

Here’s how the above shows up in the pet owners view:

Here’s how it shows up on your landing page:

Name: This is the name of your service and will show up on your landing page, and also within the client booking view.
Description: This is showcased within the client booking view.

Service Settings

Type: With Service settings, here is where you select the type of service (video, phone, message, in-office, in-house)

Duration: Here is where you set the duration of your consultations. This is visible to your pet owners on the landing page


Here is where you set the price for our service. You can always make the service free by leaving the price at $0.00. The price you set will be visible to your pet owners on the landing page

Amount: This is the amount you will be charging for your service

Tax Percentage: This is the amount of tax that will be added to the price of your service. Example: if a service is $40.00 and you charge 13% tax, the total client bill is $45.20

Booking Details

This section allows you to require your pet owners to enter basic information before booking the consultation. This includes:

1. Address: The physical address of the pet owner
2. Phone Number: The phone number of the pet owner
3. Message: A standard message that the pet owner can provide prior to booking

With our intake questions, you can ensure your pet owners answer pre-set questions before they enter the consultation room. These questions / answers are visible for you inside the digital consultation room.

Intake Questions:

To add an intake form question, click ‘Add a Question’

Once a question is added, a box will appear and you will be able to type in the question for your clients.

Required: If this box is checked, this will mean your clients are required to answer the question before being able to book the consultation
Enabled: If ‘enabled’ is checked, this means this question is visible to your clients on the intake form.

Select Type: This is the answer type to the question that you provide
One Line – This is a single line answer
Multi Line – This is a multi line answer
Radio Buttons – This will allow your clients to select one option from the options you sest
Checkboxes – This will allow your client to select multiple options from the options that you set
Date – This will allow your clients to select a date as an answer .

You can add as many questions as you’d like.


Both phone and video consultations can be recorded. If this tickbox is selected, recordings will be made available for both the pet owner and expert within the consultation room. It typically takes 15-30 minutes after a recording for the recording to become available. The recordings can be easily downloaded once they are available.

Marketing and Features:

This is where you can customize the visibility of your service to your pet owners, and the specific features that reside on the landing page.

Feature on Homepage: If checked, this will showcase the service on your landing page, and make it available for pet owners to book it with you

Features: These are the specific features you offer with your service. They are completely customizable and appear under the service on your landing page as shown below.

You can add as many features as you’d like.

Saving a Service

Make sure you click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the Services page after you complete updating it