myVETstore within Smart.Vet

We now allow clinics to connect their myVETstore directly to the Smart.Vet platform. This allows veterinary professionals to recommend their MVS products directly from the consultation room

Step One – Connect Your MVS to Smart.Vet

Within the left-hand navigation menu, you will see a new menu item called myVETstore. Click this button.

Once clicked, the right-hand page will load. Click ‘Connect Clinic’.

Now, a pop-up will appear on the screen.

Follow the instructions within the pop-up. Start by clicking on the ‘myVetStore Admin Portal’ link. This will bring you to your myVetStore login page.

Once logged in, you will see your Hospital-ID and API-key. Click the ‘Copy’ button beside each and paste them into the Smart.Vet input boxes.

Pasting them into Smart.Vet and click Connect!

When successfully connected, you will see a green success box as shown below. Congratulations! You can now recommend MVS products during consultations!

Step Two – Recommending MVS Products During the Consultation

Within the consultation room, you will now see a new item within the shelf called ‘Product Recommendations’

You can search for a specific product by typing the product name within the search area. Once you locate the desired product for the pet owner, click ‘Recommend’. This will now make the product visible for the Pet Owner. The Pet Owner can now see the product and begin their purchase and fulfillment journey

You can also remove a recommended product by scrolling down to the ‘Recommended Products’ section. Here, you will you see all products recommended. Click the ‘Remove’ button to remove a recommended product.