Financial Management

Our system uses Stripe ( as our payment processor. Payment processing is seamless throughout the platform. If you’re charging for a consultation, your clients are required to enter their credit card information into the system prior to arriving in the digital consultation room. Once you click the ‘Charge’ button in a consultation room, your client’s credit card is charged, and the money is deposited into your bank account via direct deposit.

If it’s your first transaction, stripe will do the initial deposit 3 business days after the transaction occurs. All future transactions are deposited into your bank account every 24 hours.

To setup your finances, follow the wizard within the application.

Once you complete the wizard and all 3 boxes turn green, you’re successfully able to charge for your consultations and receive payment via direct deposit.

My Revenue

All financial reporting is available for viewing in the My Revenue section. This will showcase the revenue flowing into your platform and deposited into your bank account
● Payments – detail when a client has been charged for a consultation
● Payouts – details when the consultation revenue is deposited into your bank account
● Transactions – a complete breakdown of all transactions performed within the system
● Disputes – if a client ever disputes a credit card charge for a consultation, the dispute will
appear here.